Our Story

The Trail Side Deli Story

Hi, my name is Victoria Miller, and Iíd like to tell you how Trail Side Deli was founded.
My father, LaVern, and my mother, Lou, had long dreamed of owning a business where we could all work together as a family. Years ago, my father developed a passion for retail while working at True Value Hardware in Millersburg.
The journey toward Trail Side Deli began shortly after our family returned from nine months of mission work. During that period, our camper became our home as we traveled around working behind the scenes supporting different missions.
Over a two year period we diligently searched and prayed for a place to start the business, and God finally led us to a tiny store front in downtown Millersburg that would be the beginning of Trail Side Deli.
After many late nights and much hard work, we finally opened our little shop on April 10, 2014. Believe us when we say ìlittle.î You would come in the door, walk down one aisle to the deli and exit down the other aisle and that was all there was to it. That tiny little store turned out to be a HUGE learning experience for us though. As more and more people began to visit and word of mouth spread, our business really began to grow, adding more and more products as we went along. In no time at all, all of our shelves were chock FULL with no more room to expand.
We have many fond memories of that little store, and it gave us the courage to take the next step of our journey.
In 2014, the Family Dollar store across the street closed its doors. Little did we know what that would mean for the future of our deli.
One day Martin Mann, an owner of the vacant building, dropped in to visit. He told us that he would like to offer us the opportunity to move our store into the old Family Dollar facility.
What a shock this was to us! One of our goals with the deli was for it to eventually support us so we could do more mission work as a family, and there really wasnít much of a future in the little store because there was no room to grow.
The offer to move into this larger building really excited us, nearly taking our breath away. It looked awfully big for our little business that was still in the baby stage; but once again, with much thought and prayer, we realized that God was opening yet another a door for us and taking us places we never dreamed possible. It just goes to show that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. His ways are always BEST!
Knowing without a doubt that this was indeed the will of God, in faith we took the plunge. With lots of help from many family and friends (bless them) we worked and worked for months to get the new location ready for business. We painted, built things, put up old barn beams, cleaned floors, washed windows, stocked shelves and did lots of planning.
By the grace of God it finally came together and we opened the doors on May 22, 2015. It was a very happy day for us and we were very relieved to have the BIG move behind us.
Customers new and old began to flock into the store and fell in love with the many new products we now carry. New additions include a gift shop, a seating/dining area, a wider selection of quality meats and cheeses, more bulk items, a larger cold/frozen foods section, fresh produce department, etc.
The Lord has richly blessed our business and we are so grateful to the many friends and family who have helped us in so many ways. We honestly couldnít have done it without them. Our hearts are exceedingly grateful to our Father in Heaven who has led us to where we areñEVERY single step of the way. Thank you, Jesus!
So please stop in and visit us today. Weíll happily and cheerfully serve you to the best of our ability. May the Lord always be honored at Trail Side Deli.