Our deli is the centerpiece of our store. It is the place where you will find an incredible assortment of quality fresh and delicious lunch meats and cheeses.  We currently offer 28 different meats and 39 cheeses, but of course we’re always adding new and requested items to our selection.

Our employees are happy and eager to serve you. We will slice your items for FREE, or you may buy them by the chunk. We can guarantee that you will be pleased with our selection of quality deli meats and cheeses.

Our deli also offers macaroni salad, chicken salad, ham salad, and our very own homemade potato salad. The folks who taste it tell us that it reminds them of the potato salad their mothers used to make.

For the seafood lover, we have also recently added a Cajun Crab Dip which has also been a big hit. It’s the perfect dip to serve with crackers for your next party or event. Your guests will love it!

We also create beautiful, made-to-order, fruit, veggie, meat and cheese trays. We skillfully arrange your choice of meat and cheese on a tray creating a visually pleasing, appetizing presentation that you can be proud to serve.

Lunch Time

Once your stomach starts growling, Trail Side Deli has just the solution for you! Our sandwich menu allows you to “build your own” scrumptious sandwich or wrap custom made with our broad selection of meats and cheeses. We offer One-meat/One-cheese sandwiches, Three-meat/Two-cheese subs, and Ham or Chicken Salad sandwiches and wraps. You can also choose from our large variety of condiments to further personalize your sandwich.

We are also offering delicious, healthy Chef salads and fruit salads made with fresh, crisp green lettuce you’re sure to love.  Our Fruit Salad includes a fresh lettuce base with some sweet, seasonal fruit, pecans, and feta cheese along with a sweet and sour raspberry dressing—so tasty and refreshing!

As we continue to develop our salad selection, we’ll be adding more wonderful salads that you will love. We’d love to hear your suggestions!