If you’re lucky enough to visit Trail Side Deli at just the right time, you might become intoxicated by the pleasant aromas wafting from our bakery. From whole wheat bread to spelt bread, to cookies of all sorts, shapes, and sizes; you’ll be sure to find some fresh-baked goodies to take home and enjoy!

Our customers rave about our homemade Buttermilk cookies, and of course our famous Whoopie Pies stuffed full of sweet, creamy filling you won’t be able to resist.  But probably one of our most sought-after baked items is our wide selection of scrumptious, Ohio-produced fry pies. We have many fruit-filled varieties to choose from as well as luscious cream cheese filled pies.

Another item we offer is beautiful, delicious Angel Food Cakes made by a local kitchen. We are also dabbling in the area of pies and often have the most wonderful Peanut Butter Pies available on the weekend.

As we continue to grow, our bakery selection keeps growing right along with us. We’d love to hear what items you’d like us to add to our bakery!